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Efficient Bus Travel and Hire Within Indiana

Sprinter Van

Sprinter Van

Seats up to 12 passengers.


15 Passenger Minibus

Seats up to 15 passengers.

Small Shuttle Bus

20 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Seats up to 20 passengers.

Med. Shuttle Bus

25 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Seats up to 25-30 passengers.


56 Passenger Charter Bus

Seats up to 56 passengers.

School Bus Rental

School Bus Rental Cutout

Seats up to 72 passengers.

Some people always prefer to use buses for travel no matter how much money they have at their disposal. One of the reasons is that buses always provide a smooth ride, they are comfortable, and they charge reasonable fare prices that accommodate everyone’s pocket. You realize the bus enables you to save a lot of money even if had to travel with your entire family or a group of friends. In case you are in Indiana, and you want to travel somewhere on a bus, then you can look out for Prosperity Charter Bus Fort Wayne. We offer bus services around the state and make sure we keep our customer’s priority as our commitment.

Our prices

We charge fair prices to all our esteemed customers depending on every route. For those traveling on a regular bus to the various destination within Indiana, you will be amazed by the prices as they are inclusive of all the services we offer. Those looking forward to hiring buses for different events and occasions, you realize that our prices are competitive where we make sure you notice the value of your money. We achieve this by providing the most popular services at the same without charging overheads or call for you when the event has already started asking for extra money.

We don’t have any hidden cost as we always consult with you when you want to hire our services. We discuss what you need and decide on what we can charge you to avail the entire services that you need. The best part is that our prices are negotiable and our terms are friendly in that we can’t fail to reach an agreement. A trip or a journey on a bus is always a pleasant moment as you can take your entire family and come to take the opportunity to see Indiana’s beautiful scenery along the way.

Those looking forward to making new arrangements can get their tickets in advance so that they experience no delays when travel day comes. You can always visit our offices or book online where you make your plan ahead. Meet our customer service at their desk and offer you the most welcoming hand. You have the guarantee to travel in style and get the satisfaction that the value of your money is considered. We ensure a healthy competition where our prices purely depend on the services we provide from the usual fare price to the price of a luxury bus.

If you have been used to different vehicles for hire, you will find that our prices vary so much from our competitors considering that we offer high-quality services at the most convenient prices. Once you have come for our services, you will surely come back and travel with us. From regular buses to modern luxurious coaches, we can make your trip become one amazing moment of a lifetime. It depends on the services and the bus capacity that you want. We discuss your needs and come to a consensus, and you get the bus you want including a professional driver.

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If you want to travel to any destination in Indiana, Prosperity Charter Bus Fort Wayne is the ideal bus company that you need to consider. You can start your journey from Fort Wayne to any destination in Indiana at the most affordable prices.

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